About Us

What is NFT market place?

The NFT market place refers to a blockchain transaction logs, a digital platform, whereby the owners of $SUST can purchase or trade their NFTs. With your earned $SUST from Sustoken.io, you can buy or trade your rare digital items and crypto collectibles.

Through our partner, susart.io, we are launching the ability to exchange $SUST for unique NFT on various artworks related to our sustainability thesis. The more tokens you earn, the more artworks you can trade for and, share with your friends.

How to earn $SUST?

You can earn these $SUST by contributing through your positive actions to the promotion of sustainability that would be shown and promoted by sustainable living,sus.live.

$SUST is a new blockchain-based token that cannot be purchased and can only be earned by performing positive acts that support Sustainable living.

Each token is freely transferable and recorded on the Stellar Public blockchain and will be redeemable against Stellar Lumens (XLM)

With Sustoken.io, you will be able to create your free wallet (mobile app coming soon), receive your unique Public and Private key plus, send and receive tokens and NFTs to your friends.

Who is Sustainable living?

Sustainable Living, sus.live, is all about People and Planet. We are a group of impact-focused entrepreneurs who want to spread awareness and create a community around sensible zero waste practices.

We want to educate people about how attainable sustainability is through powerful videos. Enjoy fun, educational videos that contain tips, hacks, and facts about reducing waste, being environmentally-conscious, and respecting other people’s values.